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Smart Future Expo – A Transformation into a Smart and Innovative Future!

Transform yourself into an innovative and smart future! INNOVATION FOR THE FUTURE LIVING IN URBANITY. Connecting minds for a sustainable future. Empowering theFuture withSmart Technology Smart Future Expo at the Kingdom! Smart Future in Saudi Arabia Innovating to the Future of Urban Living.

Join #SFE2023 to take full advantage of the smart, digital, and data-driven potential of new technologies. The Kingdom is investing in smart cities. Riyadh, the capital city, is already making significant strides toward becoming a smart city with smart learning, infrastructure, transportation, and green energy projects. Kingdom is taking a lead in adopting innovative solutions to improve the quality of life.

#SFE2023 has the honor of presenting to you smart future initiatives being implemented by the Kingdom Saudi Arabia in order to tackle the challenges associated to urbanization and transformation.

Learn about the various initiatives that are being taken to reduce energy consumption and promote energy efficiency. KACARE’s goal is to generate 9.5 GW renewable energy by 2030.

The Smart Urban Governance platform will present the technologies that support Smart Urban Governance in order to improve the efficiency, transparency and responsiveness of the government services throughout the Kingdom.

Showcase the next generation G2G digital solution to improve communication, coordination and efficiency of Urban Ecosystems in the Kingdom.

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